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Roland van de Kerkhof

Solving puzzles and helping others is what I do best, especially when working together with people that are good at what they do. And in this respect, I'm really glad we established SD&Co. It allows me to utilize my capabilities, work with engaged experts and contribute to solving relevant problems.


After my training as an industrial engineer, I specialized in predictive maintenance for my PhD and in supply chain management as a lecturer at Tilburg University. At SD&Co, I have mostly been involved in projects relating to factory dynamics and supply chain dynamics, with some side steps into healthcare and sustainability dynamics.


My ambition is to aid organizations in finding a way to flourish, while moving away from the need to keep growing indefinitely and using more and more resources. We have to stay within the planetary boundaries. I believe that collaborative model development and scenario analysis are valuable methods for reaching a shared understanding of such complex, multifaceted problems and for identifying effective strategies that are accepted by the people involved.


Phd: Scaling up predictive maintenance in the process industry

Whitepaper: The business case for predictive maintenance

Delphi study: Innovatieagenda Smart Industry – Planningsinnovaties

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