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Feng Fang

I am a believer of system thinking and dynamic modelling, which I think is a powerful way to understand complexity in the business world. It does not only enable us to have a holistic understanding of problems and solutions, but also enables us to align objectives among stakeholders and elicit knowledge within organizational boundaries.


After my training in chemical and industrial engineering, I obtained my doctoral degree in business, where I used system dynamics modelling to explore dynamics in buyer-supplier relationships. Currently, I am working as a researcher and lecturer in supply chain management at Tilburg University and Rotterdam Business School. I teach master students how to do rigorous research in business and how to apply simulation modelling to solve complex supply chain-related problems. My expertise and interests lie also in modelling dynamics in performance management and product-service systems.


At SD&Co, I have been helping our clients improve their service supply chain performance and develop compelling business cases for their new (smart) services. My aim is to help organizations make better strategic decisions, so that their performance can be in line with their desired business goals.  

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